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Damascus Knives Since '89

Damascus knives, mokume gane pendants, wrought iron candle holders and table work to bring modern metals into your home. After a start in damascus steel and the knife world, Smolen Forge began experimenting with wrought iron for his latest creations.


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About Smolen Forge

After a start in the damascus steel and knife craft, Smolen Forge has continued to expand their practice to include mokume gane and wrought iron.He resides in the countryside of small town Westby, Wisconsin and has worked with various bladesmiths and artists to create beautiful work. 

I’m trying to make an original work of art that’s going to last. Plus, it’s unique. It’s one of a kind, and it was made by hand by me here or at my other shop. Not too many people can say that.
— Nick Smolen, Forge Founder




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About Me


I began years ago with damascus steel. My day job is meticulous - tool and die work has to be precise. Blacksmithing allows the opposite, which gives me the opportunity to explore metal creatively.