Damascus Knives

Damascus is an old Japanese technique of layer metals, which gives the design of the metal. These knives require extra care, but are a fantastic conversation piece next time you have company over for dinner. Various sizes and materials are available. 

Mokume Gane

Made from fused copper and nickel silver, Mokume Gane gives pieces a wood grain look, but metal finish. These unique pendants will catch the eye. Wear a bracelet that contains natural copper for your sore writs or to have as an added statement piece. 




Candle Holders

Candles will never go out of style, and neither will wrought iron candle holders. From table top to table side, various sizes and shapes can be made to add a relaxing element in your home. 



Add a modern and functional look to your porch or dining room. Coffee tables are a great accent piece, and the heavy nature of iron makes a great outdoor set.